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A Music Player & Discovery app for Subsonic Server

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SubStreamer is a client for the awesome Subsonic music server (www.subsonic.org). Subsonic provides a great way to store and manage your music collection, add all those CD's that you own and DRM free music that you have purchased digitally and keep them on your own server and then use SubStreamer to explore and play your own music. Spotify is great but sometimes it's nice just to look through your own music collection and explore some of those old albums and compilations you collected over the years.

    • Favorites

      Just swipe left on any song in an album or in your play queue to immediately add it to your favorites.

    • Discovery

      How long has it been since you listened to some of those old albums the whole way through? Easily get a random selection of albums or a random playlist filtered by genre or year, let it play in the back ground for something different or swipe right to favorite, left to throw away.

    • Search

      Search through your entire collection for songs, artists or albums. Add your last.fm account on your subsonic server and we'll pull lists of similar artists & artist info from last.fm.

    App Features
    • Playlists

      Keep track of your recently played music and tracks from discovery playlists, any track that plays through to the end will be added to a dynamic playlist just in case you missed it and want to go back and add it to your favorites. Any play queue can also be saved as a playlist!

    • Phone or Tablet

      RSubstreamer is a universal app that works on tablets and phones, no need to buy it twice. Just grab it once for only 99c and install on all your devices.

    • New Features & Support

      We're always working on new features and improvements so check for app updates regularly! Offline caching is currently in development. If you have any issues with the app just contact us through the support link in the footer.

    App Features


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